Hitechleaders Capital

Founded in February 2011, it is a professional institution specializing in alternative asset management.

After years of resource accumulation and operation, the company has cooperated with many high-tech companies,Partners, successfully provided financing, mergers and acquisitions, talent recruitment, strategic consulting for many companies.

The company established two major brands:

  • Hitechleaders Consulting,
  • Hitechleaders Capital






发现价值 创造价值

竭诚服务 追求卓越


为企业创造条件   为人才创造机会

为科技创造价值   为社会创造财富






Direct investment


Go public

Why Hi-tech?
◇ In the development of human society, science and technology has always been an important driving force for its transformation and progress
◇ Modern civilization calls for sustainable development and a new technological revolution, and this new technological revolution will
Driven by innovation in the knowledge and technology system, and thus more dependent on innovative technology talents
◇ In the future, the world’s industrial structure will definitely undergo major changes depending on technological progress
◇ Globalization, knowledge, and various high-tech and new technologies are the signs of the new era
Only companies that have a broad vision and can seize the opportunities can achieve maximum success

How Leader

◇ Hitechleader consultant team consists of human resources experts, high-tech industry technical experts and capital banks
Composed of industry veterans, we bring enthusiasm to the industry and yearning for the development of technology
◇ Provide a full range of solutions for high-tech enterprises to help you get a head start in future competition

Our Value
◇Our business model is both professional and flexible
◇Our team also has a unique and in-depth understanding of the nature of the high-tech industry
◇We integrate various resources to discover and create value
◇We have the confidence and determination to work with you to advance China’s high-tech
◇We believe that everything we do will help high-tech in China
Social, life, economic development and other aspects show its strong vitality